Gating Video on Demand with a Membership or NFT in Your Shopify Store

In this article, we'll demonstrate how to lock (or "gate") your uploaded video on demand content behind a membership or NFT. This gated content will be added to the "Gated-Content" page that Single automatically creates for you in your store.

In order to do gate your video on demand content like this, you will first need to have a paid membership or NFT with tokengating functionality set up. Check out these support articles on how to do so:

For the purposes of this demonstration, we'll be setting up the content under a membership, but the process is essentially the same for NFT tokengating, so it can apply to either.

After you have uploaded your video on demand content in the On Demand section of the Single app, go to (or begin creating) the membership or NFT that you want to provide access to the content. Once there, go to Tiers > Gated Access for memberships or Utility > Gated Access for NFTs.

In the Gated Access section, click "+ Add Item."


Then, select "Video" from the "Content Type" dropdown menu.


You can add video on demand to your store's "Gated-Content" page in a few different ways:

All: This will create an automated section under which all of your VOD content, current and future, will be displayed.

Search by title: This will allow you to search for and add a specific, singular video.

Search by a list of tags: This will allow you to create an automated section which will contain only videos that fall under the specified tags.

Note: To learn more about how tags work and how to arrange your VOD content, click HERE.

Once you have selected your video or tags, you can decide to turn the Content Preview toggle on or off. This toggle lets you control who can see the video in your store. If you turn this toggle on, both members/NFT-holders and non-members/NFT-holders will be able to see it in your store, but only members/NFT-holders will actually be able to watch it. 

Once you have added your VOD content, make sure to click "Save All."


Based on what was set up above, the "Gated-Content" page should now look something like this when members/NFT Holders login:


If you gate any video on demand content that you have also added to your store via App Blocks, these videos will be marked by "Premium Badges" to let customers know that in order to view them, they will need to become a member or purchase the required NFT if they have not already done so.


When content that was added to your store via App Blocks is gated, it will remain in the same place that it was originally, but will also be added to your store's Gated-Content page. For more info on how to arrange your gated content, check out this article HERE.

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