How To Create Early Access for Members

Note: This guide is based on the assumption that you have already created a Membership, or that you are in the process of creating one and are at the stage of selecting gated content for it.

Give paid members early access to content, merch, and other products before they go live publicly in your shop! In this guide, we’ll walk you through one of the many ways to set this up.

Start by going to Products in your Shopify Admin, and then clicking "Add product" to make a product that includes "(EARLY ACCESS)" in the title.


Note: Once the early access period is over, we'll return to Shopify and remove this from the title.

Next, set the product status to "Draft" and keep it off any active sales channels and apps. This will stop non-members from seeing the products during the early access period.


Now that you’ve made your early-access product, it’s time to gate it behind your membership. To do this, navigate to the page for your Tier in your Single dashboard and click "+ Select Items" in the Gated Access section.


Search for the early access product you created in the previous step and add it to your list of gated items in Single. Then, click "Save and Continue."


Note: The "Permitted Purchase Quantity" field can be set to anything you want, but since the products we are gating are limited edition in this tutorial, we will set it to "1" in this case. This will make it hard for a single member to buy a lot of the products. We want everyone to be able to buy them.

Now that we have saved our changes (assuming our membership is already published as well), let's go see how things look in our store!


Note: Wondering how to add a Member Exclusives page to your Shopify navigation? Click HERE.


Once the early access period is over, you’ll want to make the product available to the general public. To do this, return to the Single app and select the relevant membership. Click on the pencil (edit) icon next to the tier that contains the item you want to "un-gate."


After that, go to the "Gated Access" section and click the "Archive" icon next to the product you want to "un-gate". By doing this, the product will no longer be a members-only item.


Finally, go back to Shopify and complete the steps below to add the item to your general storefront:

  1. Remove "EARLY ACCESS" from the title
  2. Change the "Product Status" to "Active"
  3. Add the product to your "Online Store" sales channel by clicking the "Manage" button in the “Sales Channels and Apps” section


And that’s it!

If you have more questions about updating perks for tier members, see HERE.






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