How To Create Members-Only Discounts on Shopify

Note: This guide is based on the assumption that you have already created a Membership, or that you are in the process of creating one and are at the stage of selecting gated content for it.

Show appreciation for loyal members and incentivize others to join by creating members-only offers and discounts. Here’s how in three easy steps! 

1. Go to the Products section of your Shopify Admin, find the item you want to sell at a discount, and click "Duplicate."

Note: Creating duplicate, discounted products that only members can access allows the non-discounted version to stay live on your store for non-members as well!


Note: You CANNOT accomplish this by creating variants of the regular, non-discounted versions of the products. Completely separate products are required in order for this process to work properly.


2. Once you’ve duplicated the desired product, change the price to reflect the discount you want to offer.

Tip: Add "(Member Discount)" to the Title field of the discounted version to make it easier to differentiate between the standard and discounted versions of the product in your Shopify admin.


Your inventory in your Shopify admin should now look something like this: 


Note: The inventory quantities of the non-discounted product and the discounted product are NOT linked together. Purchases of one of those products will not affect the inventory quantity of the other product. Because of this, despite the item technically being the same for both products, you must treat the Shopify inventory of each as though they are unrelated products.


3. Now, move over to the Single app and go to the “Gated Access” section of your Tier’s page. From there, you can add the discounted product(s) that you just created in your Shopify admin.


Note: The "Discounts Allowed" switch determines whether or not an item is eligible for typical Shopify discounts, such as automatic discounts, discount codes, etc. To prevent customers from further discounting an already discounted exclusive product, it is standard to leave this turned off. However, this is purely up to user preference. You can read more about the "Permitted Purchase Quantity," "Discounts Allowed," and "Content Preview," options in the Creating a Membership article.


And you're done! Fans will now be able to get access to discounted products and buy them just like any other product when they log in as members:


Note: Wondering how to add a Member Exclusives page to your Shopify navigation? Click HERE.


Want to update your current perk offerings and discounts for members? See our article on updating members-only items and exclusives at any time.

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