Memberships FAQ

What fees are associated with creating a membership?

You must be on the Silver Tier or higher to set up a membership on Single. For more details, visit our pricing page. Each month, Single collects $1.00 per member each month.


What happens if a customer cancels their membership?

Upon canceling their membership, auto renewal will cease for the customer, but they will retain access to their paid membership for the remainder of the term.


What happens if a customer upgrades or downgrades their membership?

When a customer changes their membership tier, they will be charged and put on the new term right away. The new term begins at that time (it does not stay consistent with the term of their prior membership). At the moment, there is no way to account for the price difference between tiers when upgrading or downgrading.


What payment processor can be used for memberships?

To set up a Membership on Single, you must be using one of the following gateways as your payment gateway:

You can learn more about these options for Shopify HERE.


Do accounts need to be enabled in my store to utilize memberships?

Yes. Customers who sign up for memberships are required to have accounts, so you must at least make accounts optional in your Shopify store. 


Is there a simple way to sort my customer list by the type of membership they have?

Absolutely! You can do this right from your Shopify Admin. When a customer buys a membership from you, Single adds tags like “Membership Name” and “Tier Name” to that customer's Shopify profile automatically. This will let you search, filter, and export your customer list based on a specific list of terms.

Note: You can also export your members list right from Single!

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