What Happens If You Archive a Membership, Tier, or Term?


When an existing membership, term, or tier is archived, any active member will lose their membership and all of the perks that come with it instantaneously. Since this can't be undone, memberships, tiers, or terms that have active members shouldn't be deleted. This is IRREVERSIBLE.

Note: To prevent unwanted mistakes, Single has added an extra security measure that requires you to manually enter the name of the membership you want to archive before you can push any changes.


If you republish an existing membership, tier, tier, or term, it will NOT bring back any lost members or member bases. If a member loses their membership in this way, they will have to pay the full price again and start their membership term over if they want to stay a member.

Note: If a customer loses their membership because the membership, tier, or term was archived, they will NOT automatically get a partial or full refund. As the store owner, it is entirely up to you to decide if refunds will be given and to give them.

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