How Do I Get My NFT Collection Listed and Verified on a Secondary Marketplace?


Getting You Collection Verified on the Secondary Market

Once you have sold through the total supply of your NFT collection or have decided that you want to stop selling your NFT, it is important that you go to the NFT in your Single account and click "End Mint." Doing so completes the collection and finalizes the "hash list" (a list of unique IDs for every NFT that was sold). This hash list is what you will need to submit to secondary marketplaces in order to have your collection verified. Getting your collection verified on a secondary marketplace will allow fans to sell and trade the NFTs they purchased from that collection with guaranteed authenticity (this is very important to the value of your NFT).

AFTER you have ended the mint for your NFT, you can request the hash list for that collection by reaching out to us HERE.

Please title your request as "NFT Hash List Request." Additionally, you will need to supply the following info in your request in order for us to retrieve and send your hash list:

  • Your MyShopify domain
  • The name of the NFT in your Single account

There are many different secondary marketplaces out there to choose from! Some of the top ones we suggest are:

Note: For more information on listing your NFT on Magic Eden specifically, as well as other processes, please check out their comprehensive support desk HERE.

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