Sell your Merch, Music and NFTs on Spotify


Connecting your Spotify Account to your Shopify Store

Don't overlook this powerful new sales channel!

Now that Shopify and Spotify can integrate with one another, getting your merch and music listed on your Spotify page is quick and easy! This is a great way to advertise things like CDs, Vinyls, NFTs, and Livestream Tickets to your Spotify fanbase, all right from the app.

Here's how to do it:

First, login to your Spotify for Artists profile on a desktop computer. From there, go to Dashboard > Profile > Merch.


Click "Log in to Shopify."


Now, type in your store's myshopify domain/URL or store name and click "Link Shop."


You'll be now be redirected to Shopify. From here, click the green "Add Sales Channel" button towards the bottom right of the page.


On the following page, click the check box and "Accept" the terms of service.


After you have accepted the terms, you'll be prompted to connect your Spotify account. To do so, click "Connect."


On the following page, select which Artist profile you would like to link, then click "Confirm" at the bottom right of the page.


Adding Shopify products to your Spotify profile

Once you have linked your Spotify Artist profile and your Shopify store, click the "Spotify" sales channel tab in the left column in your Shopify Admin. Here, you can manage which products you will be able to select from for display on your Spotify profile. All of your products will be selected by default.


Now that you have told Shopify which products you want to be available on your Spotify page, open your Spotify for Artists profile and click "Merch".

You will see that the products you selected in Shopify are now available to be added to your profile. Select "Add to shop" beneath each product you want to display on your profile. Only 3 products can be displayed at one time.

Note: Which products you have displayed be changed at any time.


That's it!

You can now sell your merch directly on your Spotify page!

Below is an example of what things will look like on desktop and mobile views once you have your products listed on Spotify: 


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