Can I Edit My NFT?

That depends…

Once you have published your NFT, you may still edit any aspect of it as long as it has NOT been released yet. After the release date has passed and the NFT has “dropped,” the ONLY thing you will be able to edit about your NFT is the tokengated content and bundled products. This is to ensure that the NFT asset being sold and the metadata there within is consistent and unchanging. This is required to maintain the integrity and value of any particular collection of NFTs.

Additionally, once you click "End Mint" on your NFT product in your Single account, even if it is before your entire supply has been minted, you will be UNABLE to republish it. Like the above, this is required in order to preserve the value and scarcity of your NFT, especially once it has been traded on the secondary market.

Note: If you have clicked "End Mint" accidentally, please contact support.


Do NOT change the quantity of your NFT in Shopify. You may update the total supply in your Single account before your NFT releases, but changing the quantity in Shopify at any point will result in unfixable errors in your release, such as inaccurate edition numbers and more. Click HERE for more info.

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