Why Is the Video Player Saying "The URL Is Not Allowed to Embed This Livestream?"

Are you seeing seeing the below image on your video player? No worries, it's a quick and easy fix!


For your security and to ensure no one can host your video where it shouldn't be, we require that you list the URL/domain(s) where your event is allowed to be hosted. If you just plan to use the video page that is automatically generated for your store when you create a video, you won't need to worry about this. However, if you want to host it elsewhere or want to change the domain name, you will need to supply this information. You can do so on the Configure page of your video event, under the "Allowed Embedded Hostnames" section.


Click the "Add Domain" button to add additional locations your video can be hosted. If you would like to an allowed domain, just click the red "x" button on the right hand side of it.

Note: Be sure to provide the full URL and any subdomains when adding a new domain. For more info on what a subdomain is, check out this helpful article.

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