How Do I Soundcheck My Livestream and When Should I Do It?

Running a virtual "soundcheck" is easy within the Single app!

Before making your livestream publicly accessible, you will want to test it out and make sure it's running smoothly!

Note: If you haven't set up your livestream yet, please check out these helpful articles on doing so. These will cover the basics of setting up a stream, as well as things such as setting up and running OBS, setting your stream key and server, etc.:

IMPORTANT: You will need to do any soundchecks no later than 2 hours prior to the start of your stream. This is not only important to ensure a smooth streaming experience, but to also ensure the system can properly decipher what content does and does not need to be included in the auto-generated VOD playback file.

Once you have your livestream set up, go to the Configure page of your event. Here, you will see the preview player. You will be able to see and hear exactly what you're streaming to the server from this player, allowing you to ensure it looks and sounds just how you want it to!

Note: There is up to a 15 second delay between the OBS feed and when it's shown in the preview player.



Preview in Shop

Additionally, you can click the "Preview in Shop" button above the top right of the player if you want to see it exactly how your fans will! Since you will be seeing the stream from the fans perspective by using the "Preview in Shop" feature, you will need to open the doors to your event to see the preview from your store page. You can do this on the Configure page of the event as well.


Once you are done previewing your stream from your store page using the above "Preview in Shop" method, make sure to close them / set them to open automatically before the show again. If you do not select one of the options that will automatically open the doors before the show, make sure to open them before the livestream begins. We typically recommend having them open at least one hour prior to showtime!

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