Creating a Digital Release on Shopify

Creating a digital release in Single is easy. Even still, we’ll walk you through the process. It all starts in the Single Dashboard.

Important things you'll need to get started...

  • High-res Album Artwork (1400 x 1400)
  • Lossless Audio (WAV, AIFF, or FLAC)
  • Release UPC
  • Track ISRCs (not required for placeholder tracks)

If this is your first Digital Release, select “Create Digital Release” via the Home page or from within the Digital Delivery tab located in the sidebar to begin. You’ll be prompted to enter information about your release. This is the “metadata” for your album that will appear when fans download your music.



First, pick what type of release you want to create. You can pick from the following options:

  • Album, EP, Single - this is the most common type of digital release
  • Beats, Instrumentals, & Stems - use this if you want to sell sample packs, beats, etc.
  • Pre-Release Tracks - this is used to include instant grat tracks with physical albums
  • Bulk Import - use this to upload files in bulk that are properly formatted to the DDEX standard


After you pick what type of release you want to create (Bulk Import excluded, as that process looks different than what is outlined here), you'll need to upload your album artwork, add a title, genre, price, UPC (only required if you want this release to report to the charts), and set the release date for the release.

Note: UPCs and ISRCs are NOT required for Beats, Instrumentals, or Stems.



To use our bulk uploader, simply drag the folder with your song files into the "drag and drop" box. You  can also upload tracks individually by dragging the files in one at a time. The maximum amount of tracks allowed per album is 150.

Note: Please DO NOT upload files that have a name starting with a period (e.g. .demotrack1.wav). or files that contain the * character. This can cause miscellaneous errors while processing the file and/or cause the track to not appear on certain operating systems. If your file starts with a period or contains an *, simply rename it and remove the offending characters. Additionally, also avoid these things while naming the track within the Single UI, as that will cause the downloaded file to contain those characters still. 


Placeholder Tracks

Don't have all of your masters yet? No problem! Single offers a built in feature to allow you to enter your full track listing without having all of your audio ready to go. 


Simply select "+ Placeholder track" and replace the audio before your release date!

Note: Albums with placeholder tracks on release date will be automatically pushed back 24 hours.


Note: Be sure to add your full track list before publishing. Additional tracks cannot be added, only audio can be replaced after an album is published.

Edit Track Info

Upon clicking an uploaded track, you'll be taken to the track edit page. In the first section here, you can set the track title, adjust or add main and featured artists, and adjust pricing. You can  An ISRC is only required if you want the individual track to report, if it will be available for purchase on its own.



Under the Track Info section, you'll find the Scheduling section. Here is where you can adjust individual release dates for tracks (useful when setting up instant grat tracks to deliver before the full release), as well as choose whether your tracks are offered individually or exclusively as part of the album, enable 30 second previews (on by default), and note explicit content


Optional Info (Track Level)

Finally, under Optional Info, you can enter any additional details such as Producer, Writer, ISWC, and Lyrics.


For information on how digital music is displayed in your Shopify store, take a look at this support article.

Additional Files

Here is where you can choose to add any additional files you would like to include with your release. This can be used to include stems, PDFs, additional artwork, full sample packs, etc.

If you are releasing a large library of samples for purchase, you could upload the main ones you want customers to be able to preview as the primary audio files (the Upload process shown above) and then attach the rest of the pack in this section as a zip file!

Note: Any file format(s), up to 750mb in size, can be included in this section.


Optional Info (Album Level)

Under the album level Optional Info section, you can enter in details such as, Label, Publisher, Copyright Details, Release Description, and more. Screen_Shot_2022-11-10_at_10.27.34_AM.png

Review & Publish

Once you’ve entered the required information, click “Review for Sale” and verify that all of your information is correct.



After you click "Ready to Publish", you will be prompted to Publish with or without an Audio Player or Attach to Existing Products.
Note: Learn more about the different publishing options HERE


Publish with Audio Player 

This will create album and track products within your Shopify inventory. The result will look like this in your store, but with your own theme:


❗️Audio previews will NOT be available for unreleased tracks. Once the track is released, the audio preview will be made available if you have used the "Publish with Audio Player" option and selected for 30s previews to be available.❗️

Publish without Audio Player

This will use your default product template and will not include an audio/preview player. This means that only an album product will be created in Shopify, as opposed to an album product and individual track products.

Attaching to Existing Products

This works behind the scenes to deliver the digital album to those who purchase a Shopify product you create. When you choose this option, no changes are made to the price or description about your Shopify product. We recommend denoting this yourself by adding "+ digital album" to your product description.


DO NOT create variants of track or album products created by Single and DO NOT duplicate products in Shopify.

Note: Need to make edits? See this article.


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