How Does Single Encode Audio Files?


We require uploads in lossless formats only. It does not matter what the file names of the tracks that you're uploading are - all formats will be assigned the metadata you enter after upload.

Note: Please DO NOT upload files that have a name starting with a period (e.g. .demotrack1.wav). This can cause miscellaneous errors while processing the file. If your file starts with a period, simply rename it and remove the period before uploading.

Audio File Encoding

In the simplest terms, we assign tracks the information you add during the digital album creation process as metadata to the audio files. This is true for the MP3, ALAC and FLAC formats. WAV files inherently do not contain metadata, so those files will download as "01-tracktitle.wav."

Fan Download Links

When a fan clicks on the download link they will be given a choice to download in MP3, WAV, FLAC or ALAC format.

Files will download with dashes in place of spaces in the file names. However, when imported into any music player app, the imported music files will contain accurate metadata.

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