What Is "Developer Mode?"

Go ahead. Break stuff.

Settings → Advanced → Enable Developer Mode

The purpose of "Developer Mode" is to let users edit our template code without fear of something being undone in the future.

We understand that many people want their store to have a unique design and we support our users' ability to do so!

To balance our need to keep things up-to-date with the freedom of our users, when Developer Mode is enabled, it will disable any automatic updates from being pushed to live or unpublished themes.

Note: Single Music cannot assist with or diagnose code changes. If you need to reset changes you have made, use the "Reinstall Shopify Assets" function located in your Dashboard.

Clicking "Reinstall Theme Assets" will only push updates to unpublished themes.This allows developers to clone the live theme, reinstall theme assets, make edits, and then republish, all while maintaining an unaffected copy of the original theme.


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