Digital Products Aren’t Being Marked as Fulfilled in Shopify!

As we send out digital music, we automatically mark digital products as fulfilled inside of your Shopify Admin.

Below are some basic troubleshooting steps you can take if this isn't happening:

1. Are the albums actually being delivered?

The easiest way to check is inside your Single Dashboard under the "Orders" tab. This is a central place where you can see all orders for digital music, update fan email addresses and resend delivery emails.

Within each order row are columns for "Fulfilled" and "Reported." If you're noticing orders not being marked as fulfilled within Shopify, first check if the music _has actually been delivered_ aka marked "Fulfilled" in the Orders tab.

Note: Read more about the Order Management page in this support article.

2. Is the digital album attached to a physical product?

If so, we wouldn't mark the bundle as fulfilled in Shopify. This is because we don't want to interfere with you shipping physical products to fans.

With this in mind, we've added a "Managed Fulfillment" toggle during the "create attachment" process. When this is switched to on, we will mark Shopify products as fulfilled once we deliver digital. This can be used in cases where you create a Shopify product called "Standalone Digital Album" and then attach the digital to that product in Single.



3) Still no luck? Make sure "Single Music" is the fulfillment service of your digital products.

Go into your Shopify Admin. Select "Products." Click on a digital album product that was created in the Single Music app and scroll down to the section named "Variants."

Hit "Edit" on the variant row. Then scroll down to the "Inventory" section. Under "Inventory managed by," make sure that "Single Music" is selected. Take a look at the screenshot below:


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