How To Request Approval From Shopify to Sell NFTs

Before you can sell NFTs in your Shopify store, you must request approval from Shopify to do so. You can easily do this by going to the NFT section of the Single app and clicking the "Request Access in Shopify" button that replaces the "Create NFT" button if approval has not already been granted.


Clicking this will lead you back to Shopify to fill out a request form. ❗️Be sure to fill this out carefully and accurately!❗️

Once you have submitted the form, approval or denial is instant.

If approved, the "Request Access in Shopify" button will automatically be reverted to the "Create NFT" button again. If denied, you can reapply in 60 days.


Get denied? No worries, there's still a way you can sell NFTs in Shopify:

I Was Denied To Sell NFTs in My Store. What Now?



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