Adding Video On Demand to Your Shopify Store via App Blocks

In this article, we'll go over how to add your uploaded Video on Demand content to your Shopify storefront. You can easily do this using App Blocks! This will allow you to add your Video on Demand content to your store via a sleek scroll bar (Single Video Bar) as you'd see on any major streaming platform.

Important: App Blocks are only available on 2.0 themes!

From your Shopify Admin, go to the "Online Store" tab, then click "Customize."


Select a page you would like to add the Single Video Bar/App Block to from the drop down menu on the top of the page. You can add this to either your Home Page or any other page in your store.

Please note: App blocks cannot be added on any gated content pages created from Single. This is a Shopify limitation we currently cannot bypass.


Once you have selected a page, scroll to the bottom of the theme editor on the left hand side and click "Add section." Then, click "Single Video Bar."


Now that the Single Video Bar has been added, you can give it a title and choose what Video on Demand content will appear in it. You can either add videos based on what tags you have given them in the Single app, or you can choose to add ALL (up to 20 video) of your VOD content by checking the "All Videos" box.

Note: Categories use AND logic, so any video with all of the designated tags will appear.

Note: Up to 20 videos may be added to a single video bar. For an amount exceeding that, you will need to add an additional video bar.


Additionally, you can customize the Single Video Bar further by choosing the colors, sort order, whether or not to show dates and titles, etc. You can also choose whether or not to display "Premium Badges" on videos that are gated by a membership or NFT. You can customize the text of these badges to be whatever you want.

Once you are finished, you should have something that looks like this:


You can add as many Single Video Bars/App Blocks to your store as you would like! For example, if you have collections of films, you could have a video bar for each genre of film. Likewise, if you run a cooking tutorial site, you could have one video bar that contains preparation videos, another that contains videos on different spices and seasonings, etc. 

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